Great Binoculars for Beginners, Kids, & Teachers

This is a review of the  Bushnell Falcon 133410 Binoculars they have 7x magnification and 35 mm lens and run for about $27 (as of 3/13/19) on Amazon. I also own a pair of Clear Point Sport Optics that are 7x35 as well but are usually sold for over $100 used. They are a little... Continue Reading →


Boss Bird Books for Kids!

Take a look at these books to help the budding bird enthusiast in your life learn more about their feathery friends! The books I have picked cover a wide range of additional topics while still teaching about birds and have wonderful engaging stories sure to entertain while they learn! Check them out The Boy Who... Continue Reading →

Outdoor Classroom Management

Like for most classroom management preventing the behavior you don’t want to see and encouraging the behavior you do want goes a lot farther than dealing with problems as they arise. This is better known as preventative classroom management, and it is so important to stick to when teaching outdoors. So we are going to... Continue Reading →

1 Year of EcoElsa – Giveaways??

When I started EcoElsa a year ago I didn’t have any idea of what it would become in a year. Over the last year my reasons for doing this and what I hoped it would become have changed drastically. What started as a outlet for missing working with teachers to create programs and learn skills... Continue Reading →

How to Plan an Outdoor Class

Planning an outdoor class can be summed up into 5 main topics: #1 Location, Day, & Amount of time #2 Safety #3 Standards or Why are you going outside? #4 Activities: Materials needed & back up #5 Behavior Plan   #1 Location, Day, & Amount of time Pick a location that makes sense for the... Continue Reading →

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