5 Ways to Have a Better Outdoor Class in Winter

It is that fun time of the year again in the northern hemisphere known as winter or if not yet winter soon will be coming to a place near you! It’s beginning to be freezing cold with a side of freezing rain or maybe snow for the luckier parts of the world. The outdoor class... Continue Reading →


Why We Can’t Replace Nature Centers

Do we need nature centers in this modern era? Don't most kids learn the same things in nature centers that they are already learning at schools?

How to Plan an Outdoor Class

Planning an outdoor class can be summed up into 5 main topics: #1 Location, Day, & Amount of time #2 Safety #3 Standards or Why are you going outside? #4 Activities: Materials needed & back up #5 Behavior Plan   #1 Location, Day, & Amount of time Pick a location that makes sense for the... Continue Reading →

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